What is YourMix?

Crypto-currency is an excellent way to make private transfers, purchases or donations without territorial restrictions, maintaining privacy and without losing money for the inflated transaction costs inherent in ordinary fiat money.

However, transactions with crypto-currencies have never been truly anonymous. Due to their nature, all crypto-currency transactions are recorded and stored in a decentralized database, a blockchain, and are available to all billing participants.

When you decide to use the crypto currency to pay for goods and services, of course, you will need to specify any personal information or even a delivery address. Therefore, third parties can track the previous and future history of the movement of your money. Our service will help to avoid this.

Work does not need any personal data.

Information about your mixing is deleted as soon as possible.

Each transaction is insured by a letter of guarantee and our reputation.

Additional options for countering technical analysis of the blockchain.

How does YourMix work?

The service exchanges your money for money received from many other users. You send the coins to the system generated address, then get someone else's coins back.

Information about the matching of addresses is deleted immediately after the funds are credited to the service, so the connection between your funds and you is finally broken.

Who needs YouMix?

Crypto-currencies, which in essence were supposed to guarantee anonymity, in fact are the most open, carefully recorded and easily subject to the analysis and tracking of currencies in the world.

The blockchain technology allows you to not only track each of your transactions, but also see what amount of money is currently stored on your "wallet". Would you like it if the balances on your bank account were as easily accessible to the general public? The answer is obvious.